Parc Naturel Régional des Grands Causses

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FairBooking - bruno vales - Saint Georges de Luzencon

Un petit tour en Aveyron

Bleu de Chauffe
sac made in France

Chaque sac Bleu de chauffe est fabrique en France dans les meilleurs cuirs tannes vegetal. Esprit workwear et fabrication artisanale.

In full heart of the regional natural park big Causses, ain of immediate surroundings of the small village of Luzençon, our host's chambers profit from an unusual panorama.

gite de France à Millau

The regional natural park of the big causes

In the east in far Millau by the anchorage ropes of his majestic viaduct in the confluence Gorges of camouflaging and Dourbie.

gite de France à Millau

Seen on the viaduct of Millau lifts in the sun, since the accommodation.

In the south causse from Larzac, his fauna and his wild-living flora, his living space caussenard almost primitive so much he is ready of the earth. To the foot Larzac the valley Cernon leaves in the direction of the saint.

gite de France à Millau
A preserved authentic scenery


In the west the famous cellars of the roquefort in full massif Combalou certain secrets still maintain this so known cheese

gite de France à Millau
Panorama in the direction of Roquefort and Combalou


Our host's chambers are available on reservation and the accommodation stays open the whole year. They will find more information and special offers, while they will return you at the side of rates.

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