Parc Naturel Régional des Grands Causses

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de caractère, ici la
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FairBooking - bruno vales - Saint Georges de Luzencon

Un petit tour en Aveyron

Bleu de Chauffe
sac made in France

Chaque sac Bleu de chauffe est fabrique en France dans les meilleurs cuirs tannes vegetal. Esprit workwear et fabrication artisanale.

Near the small village of Luzençon, our host's chambers are hung on the south slope of this hill. Our house the insults of the time had found out masonry of the eleventh century. Two years with passion full works have allowed to offer to him a new life.

gite de France à Millau

The accommodation in the putting down sun

gite de France à Millau
The accommodation in the putting down sun

Saisonneraie keeps his charm.

The location which is classed we have tried to protect the traditions as good as possible, while they have accepted the technologies from today.

The accommodation profits from the present comfort which permits us to receive you at every time.

They will estimate the small lunches in the sun which lift in the big hall or on the terrace in the unusual panorama which hangs over the valley against Millau and far to it viaduct celebrates.

gite de France à Millau
The area, the accommodation and his unusual location




gite de France à Millau
The hall and the terrace of the breakfast in the morning


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