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FairBooking - bruno vales - Saint Georges de Luzencon

Un petit tour en Aveyron

Bleu de Chauffe
sac made in France

Chaque sac Bleu de chauffe est fabrique en France dans les meilleurs cuirs tannes vegetal. Esprit workwear et fabrication artisanale.


The Hamlet of Luzençon is in the south of Aveyron in 12 km of Millau.

It finds its origins in XI ème century, bulwarks and tower of defence as well as chapel testify it. At the top of the village, the view in 360 ° makes this place strategical for the lords of epoch; they could almost see appearing a knight in weapon leaving for crusades.

gite de France à Millau
The hamlet of Luzençon
gite de France à Millau
The relics of the castle of 11 th century.

Of the table of orientation, you will be able to admire the survey of the sun on Millau and the superb haubané viaduct, the limestone plateau of Larzac in the south and the splendid bedtimes of aglow suns on the region Albigeoise.. The summer they can see in surroundings fields pervaded by the bullets of hay after reaping; the winter while the fog pervaded the valley of Cernon of one quoted and that of Tarn of other one, Luzençon stays well above these moods natural and of the Earth to use entirely the sun of his 480 m of altitude.


gite de France à Millau

The point of view of the table of orientation


The houses which saw marching centuries are renovated and for some lived all year long. Sometimes some concerts live in the Chapel.


gite de France à Millau

Peace and public calmness reign.
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